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Luke Ritchie

Luke Ritchie

In 2010 Luke Ritchie set himself the challenge of writing a song a week and sticking it up online. Six months later he had 26 songs - none of which rhymed “moon” with “spoon” and plenty of which were stone-cold classics. Some of them – including Butterfly and Shanty – ended up on wonderful debut album The Water’s Edge. You can buy the album at iTunes but you may also come across one of the “music boxes” Ritchie fashioned himself – making music tactile again he loaded his album on to 100 MP3 players put them inside self-designed tins and with the help of friends and travellers planted them in random places around the globe.

Luke Ritchie - Too Long At The Fair

"Too Long At The Fair" 

Luke Ritchie - Shanty


Luke Ritchie - Butterfly